► Planeet Bergen presents ♾ Infinity Eight Interactive Exhibition

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Infinity Eight Interactive Exhibition (IEIE)

Infinity Eight Interactive Exhibition (IEIE) is an initiative of Mr. Zach in co-creation with Planeet Bergen

The exhibition contains a wide range interactive art with on Friday afternoon the Vernissage. Throughout this artistic experience we are above to do games and workshops with kids, paint a big collaborative painting, exhibit paintings and computing visual art, perform live art performance, dance in interactive projection, listen to live music, see fire installations and fireshow, eat some very delicious artsy food and much more.

Dress code is FORMAL

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Infinity Eight Interactive Exhibition (IEIE)

Introduction | Artists

♾️ interactive theatre

Friday evening you are going to be thrilled with immersive performance art by Sjoukje Dijkstra, Malwina Kowalska and Princess Endless as the serving members of the extraordinary DOPSHOT BAR!

► Friday 20th of May | Start 20:30

Ramsay Drover alias Ramzart
♾️ visual art - fine art design | painting

Artist Bio: I am a self-identified wild weirdo

A queer, trans non-binary creator and non-sense enthusiast born and raised in a tiny woodland town on the Atlantic coast of Canada. I have been working in and around Amsterdam under the artist  pseudonym ‘Ramzart’ for the better part of the last ten years. A creative project blanket that has encompassed jewelry making, fine art, design, costume creation, leather working, wood working, tattoo art, shibari tying and circus fire performances. In 2019 I began co-creating and leading sex education and pleasure workshops, located in Spain, Austria, Holland, and Nicaragua.

This endeavour continues to birth a plethora of projects confronting sex, sexuality, fetish and gender, both solo and collaborative. During the pandemic, I came back to my roots in painting and handcrafting bringing forth Wild Weirdo Creations and ‘The Sounds in Between’ — two ongoing creative projects that have granted me a platform to further advocate for conversations surrounding the de-stigmatization of sexuality and fetish, as well as the intersections of the metaphysical and physical.

► Friday 20th of May | Saturday 21th of May

URL/Website - www.ramzart.ca
Follow on Instagram - @ramzart191

Wouter Blom
♾️ visual performance art - led light artist

Artist Bio: I currently see myself as a visual artist, who is continuously finding new ways to create visual experiences

My artistic journey started in 2007 when I found poi spinning, a performance art that originated from the Maori people of New Zealand. This led me down the flowarts rabbithole in which I learned to perform with different props on stage. I developed myself as a performer, specializing in shows with fire and LED.

To expand my creativity, I also started building my own original props for the shows I was doing. Visiting many artistic events around the world, I also got inspired by a variety of light installations and dreamed of building my own.

When the pandemic changed the world in early 2020 and all events (to give performances) were canceled, I finally found the time to learn electronics to build these installations. Which brings me to 2022: I am now focused on taking my artistic expression to the next level and building the light installations of my dreams.

► Friday 20th of May | Saturday 21th of May

Photo by Lisa Schothorst

URL/Website - https://www.lightsinmotion.nl/shows/led-shows
Follow on Instagram - @blom.wouter

Malwina Kowalska
♾️ visual performance art - artist, performer & producer

Artist Bio: My creations are based on sensor explorations

Pure fabulosity brings into our exhibition Malwina Kowalska as an exhibiting artist and performer. Since 2014 she plays in the field of arts & performance. Sometimes a bit obsessed by her endless research for new experiences, explorations, esthetics,  interactions and play.

She is based in the Netherlands and works internationally. Most of the projects are collaboration based. Through collaboration she explores more worlds and developpements in surprising ways. Her aim is to realize multiple independent works in collaboration with other artists all over the world.

She is driven by development, curiosity and her endless intrinsic motivation for art. Since almost one year now she is a projectmanager at the cultural project Planeet Bergen and from this role (co-creator) also part of the organisation of Infinity Eight Interactive Exhibition.

► Friday 20th of May | Saturday 21th of May

URL/Website - www.malwinakowalska.com
Follow on Instagram - @mv.kowalska

Sjoukje Dijkstra
♾️ visual performance art - artist, performer & producer

Fullness and spectacular perspectives forms and unfold Sjoukje Dijkstra. Sjoukje is going to be exhibiting her artworks, perform and I find her undoubtedly part of our IEIE EXHIBITION.

Biography: I make things & I do things

FORM, COLOR, SIZE & VOLUME are visual aspects that stimulate my senses. These aspects stimulate me to try something out, to see what it does or how it works. In the EXPERIMENT the funniest things happen, call it coincidence or fate. Always curious about something else, I make all kinds of things.

The most beautiful thing about me is my feet. I LOVE MY FEET!!!

I HOPPLE on BLOTE FOOTS and pick fruit from the bushes and trees and love leggings on my legs. Furthermore, I prefer to eat ice cream and chocolate cake, and occasionally I build a delicious smoothie with my SUPER blender. I am a member of the INTERNATIONAL DARK SKY ASSOCIATION and enjoy taking myself and others on field trips to experience architecture and witness and explore spatial artworks. My heroes: Maria Salomea Marie Skłodowska-Curie, Yayoi Kusama, Zaha Hadid, Hilma af Klint & Jesus de Vega.

What I can only dream about at first becomes reality after a while. Something rolls out of my sleeve or a long and CONCENTRATED research is fed. Visual work arises of which I cannot yet realize the scope and through which I get to know myself in a different way. VERY GENTLY,PIEGELED by my own creations I grow into a cacophony of colors and shapes, a kind of chess but in 3D or even 4D and with many more colors than just black and white.

Meanwhile, I am gaining skills and getting to know AMBACHES: screen printing, typesetting, oil painting, ebru, mixed-media, hand-lettering, soldering, stamping and sewing because: "How much fun is it to try to make something yourself!"

► Friday 20th of May | Saturday 21th of May

Photography: Michalis Maroulakis

Martyn van Halm
♾️ writing art - poetry artist

We like to introduce you to improvisation poet Martyn van Halm, who will be typing poetry in the dome. Besides being a poet, Martyn is a suspense fiction novelist.

► Friday 20th of May | Saturday 21th of May

URL/Website - www.amsterdamassasin.wordpress.com
Follow on Instagram - @amsterdamassasin

Practical Information

Location of the IEIE area is hosted by the Planeet Bergen

Welcome to Planeet Bergen, a new cultural project that is located with a workspace on the grounds of Ecodorp Bergen. The organisation is in development to become a venue for culture activities, art exhibitions and a creative freestyle workspace for communities. The co-creation with Infinty Eight Interactive Exhibition is a fulfilling challenge to work on our goals and profile.

For the organization of IEIE we ask everyone to make a contribution of € 25,- Payment can be made on arrival by the entrance of the IEIE area (On-Site) or in advance via iDEAL (Online). Select the method of payment when entering your personal details (name and e-mail adress) of the registration. Come visit the exhibition and support the talented artists and organization. Transform your 3D matrix money into a 5D artistic experience!

By entering the main entrance of Ecodorp Bergen you will recieve instructions for the route to the IEIE area. Be aware of your (ecological) footprint on the site and the natural habitat of living people in the ecovillage.

Keep in mind that the ecovillage is located in a protected nature area, so car traffic should be avoided as much as possible. Preferably come by bike and by public transport. Cars are not allowed on the terrain, only for purposes of the exhibition by staff and crew.

If you do come by car, it is possible to park outside the ecovillage near the main entrance. But parking space at the main entrance is limited. So a much better option is: Park your car 300m up northwards with along the way a wide amount of public and free parking spaces (situated near the football club). After parking 2/3 minutes of walking will bring you at the main entrance gate of the ecovillage.

► Be kind to nature, animals, people and yourself
► Ecolife area! Leave no trace policy

We look forward to seeing you at IEIE on Friday 20th and/or Saturday 21th of May!

Regards, team Infinity Eight Interactive Exhibition ♥
Planeet Bergen | Venue for art, culture and freestyle experiment